We are a technology company dedicated to thriving local food systems.

Incentives that put buyers and farmers first. A limitless product catalog. 21st-century reporting. Collaboration with your partners. That’s Permanent.

  • Flat markup
  • Farmer sets base price
  • Transparent, predictable pricing
  • Discounts for pre-commitments
  • 24/7 online dashboard
  • Complete source traceability
  • Complete sustainability & equity data
  • Supplier stories & photos
  • AASHE STARS and Real Food automatic analysis
Suppliers and products
  • Custom catalogs for your needs
  • Limitless products and suppliers
  • Dedicated to local and sustainable
  • Can collaborate with—or become a vendor of—your distributors
Traditional aggregators
  • Variable pricing to exploit market
  • Farmers paid lowest possible
  • Opaque, volatile pricing
  • No discounts
  • Quarterly exports at best
  • Little to zero traceability
  • Little to no sustainability data
  • No marketing assets
  • Do your own analysis
Suppliers and products
  • Off the shelf catalog
  • Limited by infrastructure’s reach
  • Not dedicated to local and sustainable
  • Limited by competition
What we do

Collaborative by nature

Permanent is the online coordination layer between supply and demand. Our partners are the physical infrastructure for efficient, safe logistics.

We do the digital
  • Supplier discovery and onboarding
  • Supplier coordination
  • Product catalogue and expansion
  • Vendor status and integration into your systems
  • Inventory and ordering
  • Transparent pricing
  • Compliance and documentation
  • Traceability, sustainability, story, and reporting
Our partners do the physical
  • Transportation, cold-chain
  • Storage
  • Processing
Food Safety
  • GHP and Organic-certified facilities
  • Liability insurance
  • QA and QC
Our mission

Reconnect the world to the source

Earth is tired of long-chain, destructive, chemical agriculture. People are tired of opaque, volatile, unhealthy food systems.

It’s time to change how we source.

Permanent works to support short-chain, regenerative, and sustainable agriculture. And regional food systems that are resilient, transparent, and rich in flavor, health, and culture.

We’re building collaborative technologies that make direct sourcing and regional food systems profitable and practical enough to grow.

Together, we can transition $1 trillion — 20% of world food spend — to local, sustainable sources by 2030.