Your partner in local and sustainable wholesale sourcing

Organic, regenerative, and differentiated produce supply for businesses who want better.

A new type of farm aggregator

How we’re different

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Everything you need to run a leading sourcing program

Permanent aggregates what's growing in farmers’ fields and brings it online.

  • Unlock discounted and predictable prices
  • Single vendor integration
  • Accurate crop forecasts for inspired menu planning
  • Limitless product and supplier catalog
  • Report on sustainability and equity spend
  • Storytelling assets that customers love
Our services

Custom local supply chains for your business or institution

  • Organic, Regen, & Transitioning
  • BIPOC & Woman-Owned Farms
  • 200+ Fruits, veg, & mushrooms
  • Stable & discounted prices
  • GAP-certified suppliers
  • Efficient delivery costs
  • Limitless products & suppliers
  • Single-vendor integration
  • Dedicated team & reports
Local labels

Local aggregator with a nationwide network

Permanent's full-service platform is available for pilots in California and for select partners nationally.

Northern California

Launched in 2023, our first local label features 25+ Organic, GAP-certified, BIPOC-owned farms within 100 miles of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Growing nationwide

We’re building local supply chains and local labels for businesses and institutions around the country. We’d love to discuss sourcing in your region.


For the wholesale buyers who care the most about resiliency and sustainability

Surpass AASHE STARS goals. Wow students with local sourcing programs.
F&B Teams
Top ingredients within 48 hours of harvest. Plan seasonal menus.
Expand your local and sustainable catalog. Offer rich reporting.
Boost your wholesale business with profits and pre-commitments.
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Your sourcing choices can make (or break) our world. What will you choose?

Permanent makes local, sustainable food sourcing practical and profitable through collaboration and technology.