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Your all-in-one sourcing solution

Permanent’s platform and experts provide everything your organization needs to run an inspired local sourcing program.

Procurement team

Unlock discounted and predictable prices

  • Get large discounts by pre-ordering or reserving in advance — little to zero payment required upfront. Farmers benefit from the financial security and can offer lower prices.
  • Lock in steady prices for the entire season or semester.
  • You can spot-order weekly, too. Enjoy less volatility than the broader market.
  • Competitive prices from large-volume, GAP-certified suppliers
Culinary team

Plan inspired menus from real seasonal availability

  • Permanent accurately brings what's growing in farmers’ fields online into your personalized crop calendar.
  • Plan inspired seasonal menus. See what’s growing now and what will be growing when you need it.
  • Local, delicious, and sustainable ingredients and unique varieties from trusted farmers. Request more with a click.
Sustainability team

Unlock discounted and predictable prices

Evaluate spending behavior with proactive reports on outcomes important to your pledges and stakeholders

  • Full source-traceability
  • Define and customize reporting fields
  • AASHE STARS & Real Food automatic analysis
  • Real-time current and expected spend
  • Enable storytelling and brand engagement
Integration team

A single vendor with a limitless catalog

  • Eliminate the overhead of direct sourcing from many small suppliers, while keeping all the benefits.
  • Just add us as a vendor in your existing systems. Or have your foodservice company or distributor do so.
  • Customize and grow your product line and supplier catalog. Our sourcing experts are just a click away.
Marketing team

Storytelling assets that your customers love

  • Boost your brand and earn premiums. Get recognized for differentiated sourcing ethics, sustainability, and storytelling.
  • 24/7 access to producer stories, photos, sustainability data in Permanent’s online dashboard.
  • Print QR codes and labels. Your customers or students can scan at the salad bar to see the story behind the food.


Permanent’s online platform is free for buyers to use. With optional enterprise upgrades and dedicated sourcing services.

Add us as a vendor

Or have your distributor or foodservice company add us as their vendor. We’re flexible.

Set your sourcing goals

With a click, our dedicated experts can source and expand supply for you.

Buy local

To order, you can use our free platform, or use your existing procurement system.


Get a quick platform demo

Dig into our pricing, integrations, and benefits for your unique sourcing goals.

Local supply chain

Get a free local supply consultation

Possibilities for programs, suppliers, and ingredients in your local region, put together by our sourcing experts.