Your customers’ needs have changed:

  • If you don’t adapt to the growing demand for a more ethical, sustainable, and localized supply chain, you risk losing customer dollars to distributors who can.
  • With the widespread adoption of ESG metrics such as AASHE STARS, Real Food Standards, The Cool Food Pledge, and various K-12 goals, clients are pestering you for the numbers they need.
  • Organic is not enough. Your customers’ customers want 100% transparent sourcing — they want to know where their food was grown, who grew it, and how it got to them. And it’s falling on your shoulders to deliver.

Unfortunately, distributors can rarely afford the bandwidth to meet these growing demands. To stay relevant in the ESG-driven market, sales teams are stuck directing valuable time and resources towards onboarding small farmers, coordinating  logistics, and cobbling together reports for clients. Otherwise, they risk losing customers to more local options.

Until now.

Permanent is a local aggregator with a nationwide network.

We represent a growing network of local produce, dairy, and protein farms, many women-led or BIPOC-led, with sustainable, organic, or regenerative practices. Permanent integrates into your existing systems as a single vendor, so onboarding is easy. And our catalog isn’t just unique, it’s full-service — that means it can grow to surpass your client’s local sourcing goals on impact, volume, and price.

With Permanent, you can finally meet (and surpass) your clients’ demands for local sourcing without any of the hassle.

The best part? You get all the credit.

Impress your clients:

  • Access to their own unique catalogue of local suppliers within one single vendor (Permanent)
  • Competitive prices with less volatility than the broader market
  • A personalized crop calendar to view real-time availability throughout the year and proactively plan ordering around peak season

Permanent is a single vendor whose catalogue can grow to meet all of your local sourcing needs. For regions in which we are already active, cross-list our local labels to immediately expand your catalogue. In other regions, we will do the leg work to onboard small and unique suppliers that fulfill the needs of your most valued accounts.

Referencing our dynamic, aggregate crop forecasts, your clients can menu plan and pre-commit purchasing around seasonal availability. This unlocks better prices from farmers and stable, standing revenue for you.

Build your brand:

  • Attract new, sustainability-minded customers with marketable stories and media
  • Differentiate from broadliners by offering a hyper-local and hyper-personalized supplier base for your clients
  • Report on sustainability, equity, and source-transparency data

Permanent is your super power to soaring in today’s market. Now, you can onboard larger numbers of smaller, boutique suppliers that hit all your clients’ needs. And whenever those needs change, our sourcing team is just an email or call away.  Plus, our service provides all the marketing and storytelling media your customers crave.

With Permanent, your clients even have 24/7 access to their impact spending towards the ESG metrics they care about. That means no more pestering you for those numbers. By partnering with Permanent, you gain a personalized team to handle all the data collection, storytelling, and logistics needed to make distribution of local sourcing easy.